Jurisprudence deals with law from the philosophical point of view, and is therefore sometime described as an abstract which is difficult to grasp.  This is, however a misconception. No doubt, this subject is more abstract than, say, the law of contracts or the law of torts. Nevertheless, Jurisprudence does have multifarious practical applications, inasmuch as it may be said to be the foundation of all branches of law.

Studies are advised first to go through the book cursorily before beginning its study.  They are also advised to study the first three chapters after studying a few other chapters of the book.

Jurisprudence defined

Jurisprudence is a subject which materially differs from other branches of law to be found in a legal syllabus.  Most other legal subjects involve a study of legal principles, which are then to be applied to concrete, practical situations.  In Jurisprudence, the task at hand is not to derive laws from authorities, and apply those to given problems; rather, the concern is to reflect on the nature of legal rules and on the true meaning of legal concepts.  Thus, whereas the law of contracts deals with the right which one party to a contract has against the other, in jurisprudence, one studies the underlying meaning of the term right and the different kinds of legal rights.

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